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Non Marital Agreements


We draft cohabitation agreements for people who live together or co-own property. These agreements clarify the rights and responsibilities of each party in the relationship.

Domestic Partnership and Marital Prenuptial Agreements

We create prenuptial agreements for couples about to be married or who are going to register as domestic partners. These agreements clarify property ownership, separation of assets and determine community property. We also help establish the limits or waivers on future spousal support, should separation occur.

Domestic Partnership Dissolution

We represent non-marital couples in dividing assets and determining support. If you are not a Registered Domestic Partner, this happens in civil court; if you are a Registered Domestic Partner, this happens in family law court, with the same divorce rules applying.

Ms. Goodman has worked with clients who have millions of dollars in assets to divide, and resolved their differences out of court. We have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and potential tax liability. And when settlement is not an option, we’re here to litigate and get the right result.